More information

• Marnaves has wifi: the password is on the kitchen wall by the telephone.
• MSB has plenty of music stands.
• Summery casual dress for the final concert.
• Campers: tents, bedding and a towel are provided. There are washing facilities in our house. There is also a washing machine.
• Bring bathing suits and a towel if you like to swim.
• We have a tandem that people can borrow.


Book your plane and rail tickets early for excellent competitive prices. And please let us know your travel plans as soon as you know them. NB ‘under 26s’ have a ‘youth rate’ on French trains.

Shuttle [Navette] from Toulouse airport to Toulouse station

If you arrive in Toulouse airport you will need to get the Navette [shuttle] bus from the airport to the main rail station (Toulouse Matabiau) and then a train to Cordes Vindrac where we will pick you up. It’s under 10 minutes in the car from Cordes Vindrac to Marnaves. 

When you come through customs at Toulouse airport, you need to look out for the exit saying ‘transports’ with a picture of a taxi, train and bus.  The Navette bus is dark blue bus with yellow swirls and writing marked Tisséo. You can buy tickets on the coach: 8€ single. The navette leaves both the airport and the bus station [Routier] on the hour, 20 past and 20 to.  There is a stop opposite the railway station (other side of road) which will be announced by the driver. Or the next stop is the bus station/routier. Walk out to main road and train station is next building to your left. 

Go into the train station and buy a ticket for Cordes Vindrac. The ticket won’t be more than 12€ and NB under 26s have a ‘youth rate’.

Please bear in mind when booking your plane and train tickets that the last train to Cordes Vindrac leaves Toulouse station around 19h00. And that the first train in the morning to Toulouse station leaves from Cordes Vindrac around 7h25 (arriving in Toulouse around 8h30).

We have chosen dates to hit the cheap midweek tickets. We are happy that students arrive a day early if they wish (a simple supper, breakfast and lunch will be provided ‘on the house’ before the course begins). There is an Easyjet Gatwick plane arriving in Toulouse airport at 21h30 on Monday 17 Aug (Dec '19: costing £52). If at least three students choose to take this plane, Andrew will come and collect you. Liaise with us if you are interested (we can only fit a certain number in our car!). Dec '19: there is currently a homeward plane on 25 Aug evening for £30.