General comments

"A truly inspiring and life-affirming week."

"Maggie’s tuition was phenomenal."


"With this course we learn so much in a very friendly, lovely, caring atmosphere – you’ve got a fantastic balance between the pursuit of excellence and friendliness."

"The best week of music I’ve ever had."

"I learned a huge amount during the course, and felt privileged to spend time in such a beautiful part of the world amongst great company."

"It was absolutely amazing and one of the best musical experiences I’ve ever had."

"A week with three such distinguished experts was a real privilege."

"An unforgettable week."

"A fantastic adventure, one definitely to be repeated."

"Amazing value for money."

"Particular highlights were a mini lecture on rhetoric by Andrew and Lucy, another on temperament, and a short introduction to the viol by popular request!"

"The course was such fun! The villagers were so welcoming (if you could understand them through their extraordinarily thick accents), and the scenery so beautiful. It was the fantastic music, Andrew and Lucy’s amazing hospitality, and Maggie’s unstoppable energy and enthusiasm above all, that made the course as brilliant as it really was."


"A gastronomic feast at every meal."

"Amazing cooking. Truly astonishingly good!"

"Astounding quality of food, inspiring!"

"The food was unbelievably good - none of us had expected anything like it."

"The food as cooked by Lucy was astonishingly good (and cheap!) - sampling the local produce and wine provided a chance to connect with the surroundings."

"A stunning village, in a friendly warm atmosphere with glorious food."

"The setting is fabulous - we have eaten like kings and the domestic arrangements were wonderful."